Lakeside Crop Pvt. Ltd.

Lakeside Crop, situated in Karjat, Maharashtra, has been dedicated in revolutionizing the agricultural production in India by adhering to the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability in balancing our ecosystem. The company is guided with the vision of taking up improving Indian agriculture system by providing the best quality of ingredients at reasonable and competitive pricing.

With the newer and innovative methods of Hydroponic farming we can surely sense the responsibility in addressing the burning ecological issues. Lakeside Crop Pvt. Ltd has set up its first commercial Polyhouse in Karjat covering over an area of 50,000 sqft. and is likely to expand to 100,000 sqft. in the coming years.

Our endeavor is to pioneer in the field of food production and agricultural cultivation in India. We plan to bring a sustainable development in food production for future generations. Hydroponic farming adds significant value to the quality of food that is produced and consumed in the world today. Lakeside addresses the ecological issues faced and bridges the gaps in the agricultural sector driven with the sense of responsibility towards our country.